Statistics and reports

​HSY Waste Management reports and compiles statistics in regard to its operations on a regular basis. The statistics of the HSY Waste Management show among others the numbers of clients at the Sortti Stations and the waste amounts received in the Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre. Waste Management publishes the annual environmental reports concerning the operations of the Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre, Kivikko Waste Service Centre and Konala Sortti station.

Key figures of 2014

  • The Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre received waste and soil extracts altogether ca. 340 000 tonnes.
    • ca. 87 600 tonnes of mixed waste.
    • ca. 50 700 tonnes of biowaste.
    • ca. 61 700 tonnes of slightly contaminated soil extracts and other type of soil resources for landscaping the old landfill area.

  • ca. 238 000 tonnes of waste was transported from HSY’s customer properties.
  • ca. 343 500 customer visits were recorded at the Sortti Stations.

Annual statistics of the waste management (available in Finnish only)

According to the composition study of 2012 the inhabitants of the metropolitan area generated on average 167 kilos of mixed waste per capita. Based on the comparison of the study results of 2012 and 2007, the amount of mixed waste per inhabitant is slightly increasing. No significant changes in waste sorting seem to have taken place during the past five years. The most important changes in the composition of mixed waste can be observed mainly as an increase in the amount of fibre, plastic and metal packages.

Preparing instructions for acquiring the life-cycle modelling services of HSY Waste Management (available in Finnish only)