MAL letter of intent

Follow-up of the Helsinki region’s MAL letter of intent on land-use, housing and transport

The state and the 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region signed the letter of intent on land use, housing and transport for years 2012-2015 on 20 June 2012. This letter of intent aims to reinforce the functionality and competitiveness of the Helsinki region, to increase housing production and improve its conditions in the region and to promote, on its part, the goals of the metropolitan policy.

The follow-up of the letter of intent on land-use, housing and transport pays special attention to the implementation of those goals and measures mentioned in the letter, which concern

  • Integration of community structure and promotion of public transport.
  • Integration of land use, housing and traffic.
  • Functionality of the real estate market.
  • Measures required by the housing productions needs.​
  • Production of affordable housing.

A follow-up information group has been established for the compiling, summarising and reporting of the letter of intent’s follow-up data. In addition to the producer organisations, representatives appointed by the contract parties participate in its work. HSY is the group’s president.

HSY and Uusimaa Regional Council are both in their part in charge of compiling the follow-up material. In regard to traffic, the MAL letter of intent on land-use, housing and transport’s follow-up is based on the follow-up of the Helsinki region’s traffic arrangements plan (HLJ 2011) and it is managed by Helsinki Region Transport's (HSL) HLJ process in cooperation with the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. HSY is in charge of compiling the follow-up reports.

The first follow-up data of this current letter of intent’s term were produced in spring 2013, and they were processed in accordance with the method defined in the letter of intent during the contract parties’ follow-up meeting on 2 May 2013. Year’s 2014 follow-up materials were processed in the follow-up meeting on 7 May 2014.