Monitoring sites

The quality of ambient air is monitored by HSY in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The costs ensuing from the collaborative monitoring of air quality are shared by the largest operators, such as energy generation, harbours and air traffic which have the responsibility to be informed about the impacts of their activities on air quality.

HSY continuously monitors air quality at 11 monitoring sites. Seven of HSY’s monitoring sites are permanent and four changes their locations every year. Air quality is continuously monitored in the impact areas of traffic and small-scale wood burning and also in the background areas like in Luukki and Kallio. The temporary monitoring sites measures air quality in the impact areas of single-family housing,  along the busy streets and in the impact area of the Helsinki Airport. Air quality has been monitored in over hundred locations throughout the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The permanent HSY monitoring sites in Helsinki are located at:

•Mannerheimintie 5, in the centre of Helsinki
•Kallio sports ground, urban background
•Vartiokylä, single-family housing area
•Mäkelänkatu, street canyon

in Espoo at:

•Leppävaara, traffic area in Espoo
•Luukki, background area

in Vantaa at:

Neilikkatie in Tikkurila, traffic area in Vantaa

Air Quality monitoring sites in 2017 in Helsinki Metropolitan Area.