HSY strategy

Our strategy aims at effects and results on all level of our operations.  The HSY board meeting accepted the proposed HSY strategy for 2015-2020 on 14 November 2014. The set goals are taken into account both in the financial and operational plans.

Our mission statement

Purely better services - we are responsible for the water and waste management of the metropolitan area, and for the regional and climate information as well.

Our vision by 2020

Responsible, effective and evolving water services, waste management and regional environmental information services for the needs of the growing population, for the benefit of the residents and environment.

Our strategic goals​​Enablers

1. The state of the environment has improved.

2.  The reliability level is high and operations of the networks have been optimised.

3. HSY services meet the needs of customer groups and residents' experiences have improved.

4. HSY has an important role in improving the material and energy efficiency of the region and in utilising the material flows.

5. Productivity has improved significantly and measurably. A controlled balance in financing has been achieved so that the investment expenditure can also be covered by cash flow financing.

6. Attractive employer with a sound and competent staff achieving good results and being capable of change.

7. Corporate culture that aims at results and effects.

8. HSY’s corporate image is good.

9. HSY is an innovative forerunner and an active and also a reliable cooperation partner.

​Our values

Our values are visible in our daily operations.  We operate in an open, fair, service-oriented and responsible way.