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HSY ends building water pipe power chlorination in Länsiranta, Tapiola in water supply disruption areas of Sateentie, Sateenkuja and Sateenkaari – drinking water still to be boiled

HSY will end the power chlorination of the water pipes of the buildings in the area at 9am on 17 December. After this, residents must let the taps run so that the chlorinated water exits the building piping. On call in the area, HSY staff assist residents if needed.

You should also let the water run if tap water is murky or of an abnormal colour. We recommend residents to check all taps in their apartments so that the water coming from them is clear. Residents should also let the water run if needed.

After this, HSY takes water samples in the buildings to assure water quality.

If the water samples taken on 17 December are clean, HSY will begin connecting buildings to the water supply network beginning at 9am on 18 December. During the connecting work, water supply to the buildings will be cut off for about two hours. When the connecting work has been completed, HSY takes verifying water samples in the buildings on Thursday 18 December. The results of these samples will be ready on Friday 19 December.

After water has been let run after the power chlorination, drinking water should be boiled in the buildings in the area. Please make sure that there is no strong smell or taste of chlorine in the water you use.

Water should be boiled until the quality of the drinking water has been assured, at least until Friday 19 December.

During the recommendation of boiling your water, the water must be boiled for at least five minutes. Water used in coffee makers and electric water heaters must also be boiled first. Water is safe to use also after it has cooled after boiling. Unboiled water can be used for washing as usual, if it has no abnormal colour or smell. Dishes can also be washed with unboiled water, but they must be carefully dried after this.

Drinking water is still available in the four temporary water distribution locations: two in the parking lot of Sateenkaari 3 and two at the yard of Sateenkaari 7.

If You have suffered stomach problems such as nausea, diarrhoea or vomiting after 11 December, we urge You to contact City of Espoo’s Tapiola Health Station.


The next announcement to residents will be published on 19 December, when the results of the samples taken on 18 December are known, unless the situation calls for an announcement to be made earlier.


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Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is a regional authority that provides water services and waste management services and produces information about the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the environment. HSY helps people act for a better environment.

HSY is the most prominent environmental body in Finland. It brings together the waterworks of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa as well as the waste management services and the regional and environmental information services provided by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV). HSY employs approximately 800 people. Our goal is to ensure that environmentally sound decisions and actions can be made effortlessly by for all the residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.